Comment Rules

To prevent the Deep Porn Tube ( website from being bombarded by racist, bigoted, extremist and offensive comments from extremists, radicals and cybercriminals, we have developed our Comment Rules to make it clear that this type of person is not welcome on the Deep Porn Tube site officially.

We recently implemented a comment moderation bot. This bot analyzes all comments that are submitted to the site and comments that may contain profanity, swearing, bad words, insults to other members, insults to any group of people due to their ethnicity, race, creed, religion, nationality, sexuality or any other thing related to these lines, this comment will not be approved. By the way, the comment in question will be automatically deleted by the bot and no human will read it, not even the site administrators, as there are a lot of comments and we don't want to waste our time reading them. The only thing you will achieve by submitting extreme and radical comments on the Deep Porn Tube website is wasting your time!

That said, you should not use the dedicated comment area on the Deep Porn Tube website to:

  1. • Conduct hate speech;
  2. • Promote terrorism;
  3. • Committing threats or vandalism;
  4. • Practice spam;
  5. • Making racist and xenophobic comments;
  6. • Practice or encourage homophobia, Nazism, trolling or dark humor;
  7. • Making offensive comments, with profanity, to other members or to anyone, whether users/visitors of the site or present in the videos.
  8. • Carry out the defense of illegal things or encourage the practice of crimes.
  9. • Making unfounded accusations against third parties without providing evidence of the crime committed.
  10. • Carry out the publication of personal or private information of third parties.

Speaking more specifically about “swearing, bad words and impoliteness”, I would like to say that comments that contain insults or profanity will be automatically deleted by our bot. Most of the possible insults have already been registered and the only thing you will get if you are disrespectful in the comments is to waste your time commenting, as even the site administrators will not read your comments. We will be stricter than Youtube in moderating comments, you can be sure!

This is our version of “freedom of speech (free speech)”. Here you will have the so-called “freedom of expression” as long as you obey the rules established here. If you don’t agree with our rules, leave! We don’t want you here! The site is not for you!

The Deep Porn Tube community is far more valuable than any radical racist extremists that might come our way. Say NO to racial prejudice, say NO to extremism, say NO to cybercrime, say NO to hate speech!

We will ban any and all user accounts that violate the Deep Porn Tube website comment rules!

If your comments are not being approved or are being automatically deleted, you are making some of the mistakes above.